LAS VEGAS – 3-D printing is a growing industry in Las Vegas. One local business that creates numerous items with high-tech 3-D printers is showcasing its products at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.

MakeIt 3-D Printing is one of a handful of 3-D printing shops in the valley. Mike Emminger and his son Peter own the business.

3-D printing is a manufacturing process that makes solid, three-dimensional objects based on digital models. Models are printed in single pieces and can be colored as they are created.

“We were doing a lot of event production work, and production companies and agencies really have a need to showcase things to people in 3-D like in real life,” Peter Emminger said. “That’s really hard, and usually people do it with 3-D renderings and computer-generated models. People don’t react the same to that, consumers, customers and clients. So, we really – before this business started – we were hiring other people to print stuff, and we felt we could do better than they were doing for us. So, that sort of started MakeIt.”

The owners of MakeIt say 3-D printing can cost between $10 to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the project. The process is especially useful for design testing, one-time creations and/or small-scale manufacturing.

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